Two girls wearing bikinis standing on top of a waterfall, Banjos del San Juan, Cuba, Caribbean, North America
Supplier Martin Moxter
License RM
Image ID iblmox00916751
Model release
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Property release
Image taken from public ground No
Date of origin 21. Jul. 2008
Camera model Canon EOS-1D Mark III
Digitally altered No
16 17 18 19 20 20-25 25 adolescence adolescent adolescents age aged Banjos bathing being beings bikini bikinis bodies body brown brown-haired brownhaired brunet brunette Caribbean cascade cascades cataract cataracts Cuba Cuban dark dark-haired darkhaired day daylight daytime del during exterior exteriors fair falls girls haired human humans Juan juvenile juveniles light lightskinned long look looking looks of old on outdoor people person persons photo photos piece plant plants rock rocks rocky San shot shots skinned something somethings stand standing stands suit suits swimsuit swimsuits teen teenager teenagers teens the to top tourism tourist touristic touristical touristically tourists touristy twenty twenty-something twenty-somethings twentysomething twentysomethings two Two two-piece water waterfall waterfalls waters wearing year year-old years years-old young younger youth